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Automotive Locksmith

We put together a team of highly trained professionals that know what it takes to get you back in your vehicle or in your home. We can find you at your location as soon as you call us. We know that you don’t want to be waiting outside of your vehicle or home for too long and that’s why our professionals know the area as well.

It’s late at night or it’s pouring down the rain and you are locked out of your vehicle. This scenario occurs all the time and can be very frustrating when it happens to you. So when you need us the most, we will be there. We can come to you and get you back into your vehicle so it doesn’t become too much of an inconvenience. Some of our automotive services in Florida include:

Opening all makes of vehicles
Opening trunks to all makes and models of vehicles
Key replacement for all types of vehicles
Ignition switch replacement
New keys cut based on code
Door lock repair or replaced
Car lock and ignition repair or replace
High security keys
Motorcycle keys made for all makes and models
Transponder keys
Later cut keys
Vatt keys

Safe Unlocking for high-end auto locks

There are several anti-theft devices available for newer vehicles and many of these devices are built into the vehicle’s electrical system so it is very difficult to unlock a vehicle. Modern vehicles come equipped with a computer chip inside the key fob. We come to you prepared for your model vehicle and we can cut laser keys, transponder keys, chip keys, high security vehicle devices and more. You won’t call until you need us so keep our number handy and call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Don’t waste your time with a locksmith that is not trained; call us instead. We provide our locksmith services in Palm Springs, Belle Glade, North Palm Beach, Lantana, Palm Beach and Lake Park.

Emergency locksmith

It’s hard to ever imagine an emergency situation where you are trapped outside of your car at night in the pouring rain but unfortunately it happens and often. So what qualifies as an emergency situation?

If you come home late one night to find that your front gates will not open. You can’t get into your home or your garage and the remote won’t work. You can call a locksmith who will come out 24/7 to get your gate open so you can finally get to your home. You get your key into the lock and it jams. It won’t turn, the door won’t open, and you can’t take the key back out. Call us to come out and help you. We can get you into your car and on your way home where your family will be waiting.
It can be so frustrating to call a locksmith and speak to a professional only to find that they really don’t know what they are talking about. We are going to be the opposite of that when you call us. We make it our mission to be knowledgeable on all security systems.

What can locksmith do in the emergency situation?
Locksmiths can gain access to homes, businesses, as well as vehicles. It takes the right tools and the knowledge to use them without causing damage and we have that knowledge. What can we do for you?

Commercial Locksmith

You put a lot of yourself into your business and when you want to secure it, you may think that securing it is as simple as going to the hardware store and install the latest locks sold on the shelves. Truth is that you need a security system that only we can help provide. Your business is important to you and securing it is important to us.

Your business locks will be secured when we are done. Your locks should also be efficient as well and we know how to do that; install a master lock system that has one master key that works all locks in your building. Your business will also need an emergency exit service that you c an access when you need to. We know what it takes to meet the fire code and city standards and we will help you build your security system the right way.

High traffic control locks? We got that covered. We can provide the commercial locks that will be difficult to be installed by most but not us. We are experts in the business and we can help you protect your business.

· Lock outs 24/7
· Rekeying
· Master key system
· Deadbolt installation
· Commercial levers installed in the entry, the storeroom, cafeteria and more
· Panic bar installation
· Alarm locks
· Hinge repair and replacement on doors
· File cabinet keys
· Keyless locking system which includes finger print locks
· Safe installation or repair as needed
· Key pads


Residential locksmith

Thank you for considering our locksmith services. At Universal Locksmith based in West Palm Beach County, we know that whether you need a lock changed or you need to upgrade your existing locks, investing in a reliable locksmith for your home is a good decision and an even better investment.

Range of residential locksmith services
Hiring someone who has been in business for a long time may have the knowledge, but do they have what it takes to help you feel safe in your home?

  • Keyless entry locks, such as Simplex or Trilogy
  • Safe opening
  • Safe repair
  • Safe installation
  • Lock repair
  • Lock replacement
  • Sheriff evictions, police eviction, or marshal eviction
  • 24/7 emergency lock out service
  • Decorative handles – such as Amtek or Baldwin
  • Lever – entry, storeroom function, privacy, and passage
  • Door replacement or repair or adjustment
  • Security metal doors, single or double
  • Mail box locks
  • Patio door locks
  • Window locks or security bars
  • Camera systems installation and maintenance



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