Commercial Locksmith Tips For Better Door Security

commercial locksmith tips for better door security

Locksmith West Palm Beach believe when offenders see something they want to steal from your shop or office they will take it because standard locks won’t slow them down. A quick pry, a kick, bump, screwdriver strike, or even a credit card bypass technique could open a typical lock.

Your business is in danger if the front, side, or rear door is protected with doorknob locks. One of our emergency locksmith’s experts can find your business’ vulnerabilities and could input ways that are perfect to keep your company secure. But first, I’ll provide you with some tips for better business door security:

Install Deadbolts

install deadbolts

Install deadbolts on all outside doors as it a significant investment. Deadbolts offer protection and enhanced security against prying, bumping, picking, drilling, and other forced entry methods of entering. Durable deadbolts arrive with grades from the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). However, to be called commercial deadbolt it needs to pass a test of open/closed 250,000 times, bolt projects one inch into the door frame, and, has to withstand ten hammer blows.

An experienced locksmith company carries many types of deadbolts with safety for your organization in mind. Now, our locksmiths have the experience to set up the tools for the right situation. For instance, when do you set a double cylinder or single deadbolt? A double cylinder needs a key to open the deadbolt from both sides. Now, a single could be unlocked from the inside without a key. You should put in a double cylinder deadbolt to get rid of the threat or somebody breaking through the window and reaching across to unlock the deadbolt.

Rekey existing locks

Rekeying your locks may prove invaluable in protecting the assets of your business. Were you aware that burglars could be an old employee or a lucky person who found your misplaced keys? Later went with no problem to burglarize your business. If your company lost a spare key, or lately let an untrusted worker go then, you ought to rekey your doorways.

However, of course, not every employee steals but people do make spare keys even though it’s not allowed. Highly skilled locksmiths can change the pins within your locks and cut matching keys that make the old set of passkeys obsolete.

Strengthen the door components

strengthen the door components

Reinforcing the strike plate will toughen the door against forced entry attacks. The truth, people, think a lock is what keeps them secure but the strike plate is what anchors the door, so it needs strengthening too. Mounting heavy-duty strike plates with three inches reinforced screw increases the capability of your lock against forced entry.

The same as the strike plate, the hinges need proper setup and must be robust. Feeble hinges using shallow anchor screws are going to be the very first thing to give way when the door gets attacked. Offenders can be given easy access by lousy hinge installation or even DIY projects. If it’s possible to view your hinges while your doorway is still closed, then the pin holding the hinges can be lifted or unscrewed, and the door is open. These parts have to be as powerful as the locking system so install the hinges inside the door with three-inch screws.

Have you heard of bumping locks? Bumping locks is a sort of lock-picking which a key is cut with more teeth and placed in a lock. Then it’s struck and bumped to open locks and deadbolts. So ask your locksmith about protecting your business against these bypassing techniques before getting your deadbolts mounted.

Locks maintenance

locks maintenance

Small business owners often forget to lubricate the locks, an essential maintenance tip. Bolts are made of metal and also have metal interior moving parts that are vulnerable to corrosion and rust. When you turn and slip in your key, it pushes a succession of pins or wafers which will need to function smoothly.

The outside locks remain vulnerable to the weather elements and susceptible to damage from water and dirt. It leads to your locks’ parts to cease and quit functioning. Just a tiny bit of lubricant such as WD-40 or graphite powder will keep the pins moving freely and reduce friction. Thus prolong the lifespan of your locks.

What Is A Panic Bar?

what is a panic bar

Locksmith West Palm Beach realizes business owners need a safe and quick way to exit a building safely. Now, a good deal of structures such as hospitals, schools, and restaurants have panic bars. A panic bar is a sort of door hardware that permits people to leave a building fast. The system uses a push pad device which releases the door’s locking mechanisms.

Instead of turning levers to fighting knobs or struggling with thumb turns, people could use their weight into the device to open the door. The apparatus is beneficial in a fear type crisis since it reduces the probability of injury or crowding which will also lessen the number of lives lost.

However, you ought to be aware that regulations that buildings need for doors exits. You should get one for the office and allow our emergency locksmith to set it up. Another beneficial use for panic bars is the electronic and security attributes it brings. If a panic door gets opened, it could alert security and will prevent someone from leaving the building.

How to pick the panic bar that is right for your business?

how to pick a panic bar that's right for your business
Creative Commons Image by Author Jclemens

There are many types of panic bars or better known as crash bar. Some bars are put on the outside doorway with wooden, metal, and, aluminum metal frames. A door that’s fire-rated should have a panic bar setup. While interior doorways are not fire-rated however, many exterior doors need to be made fire-rated.

Three kinds of crash devices:

  • Rim style- The bar is mounted onto the inside surface of the doorway.
  • Mortise style- This kind of crash bar has its locking mechanism mounted (mortised) to a cavity in the doorway much like regular mortise lock.
  • cSurface/Concealed style- This type consists of vertical rods. These hidden exit devices provide extra latching at the top or bottom of doors. When people want something aesthetics pleasing for a door layout, then the concealed style is perfect.

Crash bars can be found in a variety of designs too. The standard which the majority of individuals are acquainted with is that the touch bar design. Usually, located on emergency exit doors. The crossbar design is standard since the Von Duprin exit device was the first one ever built. Designs range from plate-type and lever.

Nowadays all industrialized countries have some form of construction code standard(s) that dictates how exit devices ought to get implemented into commercial buildings. Since it was invented over a hundred years ago, many lives have been saved.

Deciding upon an exit device

  1. Rim-style exit devices are a terrific alternative for smaller companies in densely-packed regions, For instance, business parks, airports, and, malls. They also comply with all building codes and are economical.
  2. A mortise-style exit device is a superb selection for moderate to large-size businesses and buildings. The layout is not as susceptible to tampering and adds safety.
  3. The Surface/Concealed exit device is the best selection for companies where aesthetics and security are critical.

UL 305: Standard for Panic and Safety Hardware

ul 305 standard for panic and safety hardware

When an exit device or some other doorway hardware says it is “UL-listed,” you’ll know that it’s of premium quality. Specifically, UL 305 tells the capabilities of the door panic hardware, setup, and, the manufacturing requirements.

These items must pass strict testing before UL provides its approval. To continue to keep its “UL-listed” rating, the maker of the push bar has to pass inspection every four years.

NFPA 80: National Fire Protection Association Standard for Fire Doors and Other Opening Protectives

nfpa 80 national fire protection associated standard for fire doors

NFPA 80 is a standard that deals with maintenance and setup of door panic hardware. For example, it details that you don’t need to have any lock, chain or a different system which could prevent people from exiting the panic door.

Many constructions or building regulations adhere strictly to the guidelines and criteria of NFPA. Also, has over a hundred years of creating and maintains private, copyrighted standards and codes for usage and adoption by local governments.

What To Do If Your Transponder Key Isn’t Working

multiple keys

Here at Universal Locksmith in West Palm Beach County, we’re what you’d call transponder pros. We’ve got years of working with these keys, and we’ve gained quite a lot of knowledge on things that make transponder keys not work. We have clients that believe that when their transponder key is not functioning correctly, it has to get replaced.

However, we’ve found that something else is causing the transponder key not to operate right. Before you call a car lockout service to deal with the issue, today we will discuss a few of the most frequent reasons a transponder key could stop functioning.

Before replacing troubleshoot your transponder key

before replacing troubleshoot your transponder key
Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0) Image by Author Saaby

First, don’t confuse transponder keys with car remotes. Automobile remotes can lock and unlock your auto or truck. Some remotes are constructed into the passkeys (Remote Head Keys), whereas some are separated from the keys (Fobs). All these remotes operate free from the transponder safety system.

Second, the flat metallic key, this double or single sided (cuts top and bottom) key functions only of the mechanical cuts. The key turns when the different size cuts on the key match the size tumblers in the lock.

The transponder chip it’s a part of the automobiles anti-theft system. The term transponder comes from the phrases “Transmitter + Responder.” The microchip inserted into the plastic head of the automotive key receives a signal from the vehicle (an antenna ring around the ignition cylinder). The computer of the car must accept the right answer from the transponder key, and the processor won’t enable the vehicle to start if it gets the wrong code.

New password and challenge transponder systems utilize encryption using a rolling code. What’s the rolling code? Well, it means that the challenge and password changes every time it’s used.

Firstly, it’s necessary to comprehend the source of the problem before you replace the transponder keys. Though your transponder key could be outdated, sometimes there are different aspects which may keep it from working. Below, we’ve listed a couple of things which make your transponder keys to stop operating correctly.

Multiple Keys

multiple keys

People will start their car to discover their key doesn’t engage the ignition. We caution people to check and make sure another transponder key isn’t within transmission distance. When there are two transponder keys, the automobile doesn’t know to ignore the second transponder key.

Dead Batteries

The most usual reason a transponder fails to work would be your battery. With every transponder key, there’s a little battery which aids the communication with the car. Although these batteries are made to endure for a while sometimes, they will fail and run out of juice. Locksmiths can replace key batteries and therefore are far cheaper than buying a replacement key at a dealer.

Radio Interference

radio interference

Using radio waves to communicate with the car is how transponder keys operate. Although such radio waves are best for allowing vehicle and key to communicating regularly, they could become scrambled and make a lot of radio interference all around your car. Radio waves in planes air towers and satellites may hinder the communication capacities of the transponder key.

If your key quits working, consider setting it close to your head to find out whether your car gets unlocked. If that works, then it suggests that there is radio disturbance and it’s disrupting its signal.

An ideal approach to getting a good deal on replacing your auto keys is to remain prepared. So get an extra transponder key, on your terms, without the pressure. So if you have legit car key issues, you could have a spare key ready for emergency purposes.

Real Estate Locksmith Tips

real estate locksmith tips

Locksmith in West Palm Beach realizes when real estate agents sell a house there not only selling a home but a dream to a future homeowner. Many believe as a realtor your work consists of showing the perfect home at the right cost. While this could be your purpose, your objective is to watch out for your customers’ best interest while fulfilling with all their home selling and buying requirements.

However, selling a residence with inadequate home security can also warn off customers and have a negative impact on the agency. Customers don’t ask for security systems and many cameras position all around the house but at the least sound locks.

A small investment can save a lot of headaches as the appearance of the home sales first but opening the door is second. Lousy looking locks might make the buyer hesitant with the other parts of the house.

To do this West Palm Beach locksmith will show you four critical parts of information about locks.

Rekeying Locks?

rekeying locks

Few understand that replacing their locks isn’t the only way to improve locks, although the majority of people have heard it is prudent to modify their locks when moving into a new residence. Locks could be time-consuming and pricey since it involves installing and purchasing new hardware. An alternative that is more cost-effective is rekeying.

Rekeying is the procedure where the original locks inner mechanism get modified, and keys are trimmed to match the modification. The old keys do not work anymore, and the bolts are safe as though they were entirely new.

Rekeying is something every homeowner should know and every realtor ought to know about especially when selling a pricey home. Instead of telling your customers about rekeying it is better to give them brand new keys. Rekeying makes an unforgettable, inexpensive, sensible and, creates the perfect final gift.

Strengthen Deadbolts

strengthen deadbolts

Deadbolts are considered suitable as the security attribute on doorways because it can defend against forced entry techniques that burglars employed. Mostly these techniques are sufficiently strong to tear the screws from the door frame.

Longer screws would be the best method for raising the potency of a door deadbolt since longer screws reach the studs and strengthen the doorway against force. Usually, installing two 1/2 inch specialize screws to the doorjambs with every lock rekeying or replacement will make the deadbolt stronger. Moreover, makes deadbolts twice as powerful and doorways kick resistant.

One key for all homes

one key for all homes

Rekeying may take an entirely new meaning if your customer’s own more than one house. Imagine if they wanted one key for the properties they own. Let’s say the homeowner wishes to have grandma’s house rekeyed to the same key as their own home.

Then no more worries about remembering the keys and needing to look through the keyring. Also, if the customer loses the keys, then he/she would have duplicates situated at grandma’s right.

Also, with rekeying, you don’t need to replace all your bolts to outfit them to work with the same key too. Locks can be reconfigured to accommodate a single passkey, eliminating some of the hassle brought on by handling keys for many properties or their inconveniences.

The Realtor could pass this excellent tip to the customer and assist them in preventing any frustration situations. It will help cultivate a better relationship and never hurts for a resource for customers and often a return happy customer.

Decode the lock without a key

You will discover locks at a house sometimes do have keys, which is bothersome to owners needing entry to anything the lock. Frequently people lose keys with the process of moving from old place to new home. The keys to open things such as garage doors, mailboxes, drawers, cabinets, utility boxes appear to have a method of disappearing.

However, that does not mean that your customers need to go installing new locks everywhere. Many people do not understand that locks may be decoded and have replaced keys made to substitute the ones that got lost.

Certified and certified locksmiths (such as Universal Locksmith technicians) possess the tools essential to decoding the code for any specific lock and then cut on a key which could open the bolt. It saves the customer a great deal of money, time, and frustration. Tips like these help customer and realtors have a positive relationship.