Real Estate Locksmith Tips

Locksmith in West Palm Beach realizes when real estate agents sell a house there not only selling a home but a dream to a future homeowner. Many believe as a realtor your work consists of showing the perfect home at the right cost. While this could be your purpose, your objective is to watch out for your customers’ best interest while fulfilling with all their home selling and buying requirements.

However, selling a residence with inadequate home security can also warn off customers and have a negative impact on the agency. Customers don’t ask for security systems and many cameras position all around the house but at the least sound locks.

A small investment can save a lot of headaches as the appearance of the home sales first but opening the door is second. Lousy looking locks might make the buyer hesitant with the other parts of the house.

To do this West Palm Beach locksmith will show you four critical parts of information about locks.

Rekeying Locks?

rekeying locks

Few understand that replacing their locks isn’t the only way to improve locks, although the majority of people have heard it is prudent to modify their locks when moving into a new residence. Locks could be time-consuming and pricey since it involves installing and purchasing new hardware. An alternative that is more cost-effective is rekeying.

Rekeying is the procedure where the original locks inner mechanism get modified, and keys are trimmed to match the modification. The old keys do not work anymore, and the bolts are safe as though they were entirely new.

Rekeying is something every homeowner should know and every realtor ought to know about especially when selling a pricey home. Instead of telling your customers about rekeying it is better to give them brand new keys. Rekeying makes an unforgettable, inexpensive, sensible and, creates the perfect final gift.

Strengthen Deadbolts

strengthen deadbolts

Deadbolts are considered suitable as the security attribute on doorways because it can defend against forced entry techniques that burglars employed. Mostly these techniques are sufficiently strong to tear the screws from the door frame.

Longer screws would be the best method for raising the potency of a door deadbolt since longer screws reach the studs and strengthen the doorway against force. Usually, installing two 1/2 inch specialize screws to the doorjambs with every lock rekeying or replacement will make the deadbolt stronger. Moreover, makes deadbolts twice as powerful and doorways kick resistant.

One key for all homes

one key for all homes

Rekeying may take an entirely new meaning if your customer’s own more than one house. Imagine if they wanted one key for the properties they own. Let’s say the homeowner wishes to have grandma’s house rekeyed to the same key as their own home.

Then no more worries about remembering the keys and needing to look through the keyring. Also, if the customer loses the keys, then he/she would have duplicates situated at grandma’s right.

Also, with rekeying, you don’t need to replace all your bolts to outfit them to work with the same key too. Locks can be reconfigured to accommodate a single passkey, eliminating some of the hassle brought on by handling keys for many properties or their inconveniences.

The Realtor could pass this excellent tip to the customer and assist them in preventing any frustration situations. It will help cultivate a better relationship and never hurts for a resource for customers and often a return happy customer.

Decode the lock without a key

You will discover locks at a house sometimes do have keys, which is bothersome to owners needing entry to anything the lock. Frequently people lose keys with the process of moving from old place to new home. The keys to open things such as garage doors, mailboxes, drawers, cabinets, utility boxes appear to have a method of disappearing.

However, that does not mean that your customers need to go installing new locks everywhere. Many people do not understand that locks may be decoded and have replaced keys made to substitute the ones that got lost.

Certified and certified locksmiths (such as Universal Locksmith technicians) possess the tools essential to decoding the code for any specific lock and then cut on a key which could open the bolt. It saves the customer a great deal of money, time, and frustration. Tips like these help customer and realtors have a positive relationship.